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Why Just a Kidney?

Why Just a Kidney?

Author: Marcelle Chaffin

09/09/2020·In: Why Just a Kidney?

Just a Kidney is the first free location-based social networking platform that facilitates one on one communication between potential Living Kidney Donors and Waitlisted Transplant Recipients.

Driven by first-hand experience, CEO Marcelle Chaffin understands Waitlisted Kidney Transplant Recipients' needs and the current barriers that result in long wait times for kidney transplants – less than 20% of the waitlist, annually, find a match and undergo a kidney transplant. Chaffin is passionate about making the process better and the pool of Living Kidney Donor resources greater as she has been going through the process herself.

Her husband Ed has been waiting for 4 years for a kidney transplant and together they have been inside the system experiencing the impact that 4 years of his dialysis treatment has had on their family – physically, mentally and financially.

Her Just a Kidney concept brings a new solution to the process of connecting Living Kidney Donors and Waitlisted Kidney Transplant Recipients by providing a social networking platform dedicated to finding potential matches through a qualified community.

The goal for Just a Kidney is to raise awareness of the need for more Living Kidney Donors and a platform for Waitlisted Kidney Transplant Recipients to tell their story! Just a Kidney will facilitate connections, not matches, with the intent of offering an ample pool of potential resources in one easy to use friendly place to foster greater matching potential.

The search criteria is similar to social media platforms that use personal "likes" and locations (e.g., where someone currently resides, hometowns, high schools, and Alma Maters) versus providing medical profiles. After a connection is made, Members will move forward with external professional medical testing to determine if they are a viable match. Within the Just a Kidney community, Members seek each other out through common interests and experiences simplifying the search process for a match, and making it more natural and relatable.

While registered Living Kidney Donors are a key audience for Membership, Just a Kidney will also mobilize the power of PR and Marketing to raise awareness and drive Interested Living Kidney Donors (not registered) to the app. Members can explore what it means to give a Kidney through Member stories and connect quickly with a Waitlisted Kidney Transplant Recipient. Registering with a Transplant Center or Kidney Organization as a Living Kidney Donor is not a prerequisite. If someone is compelled to donate a kidney, the Just a Kidney app removes the barriers to connecting by simply signing up. The Verification Process is simple for the user but also has several layers of recognition and authentication processing in the background, using the latest technologies to verify authenticity.

We also have previous Living Kidney Donors that gave a kidney and Kidney Transplant Recipients that have already received a kidney as first-hand experience advisors. They can offer real-life advice and mentorship to all the Members.

Just a Kidney's solution is meant to simplify the process of finding potential matches and save more lives!

Interested in Living Kidney Donation? Or do you know someone who needs a Living Kidney Donor? Please contact us at for kidney donation assistance today. Or simply sign up on our App today!